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Martin Art Gallery at Muhlenberg College

"Glenn Daniel Harren: Bucks County Painter"

By Lori Verderame, Ph.D


Glenn Harren often quotes history's great artists. Quite unprovoked,he will
share an appropriate quip from John Singer Sargent or recount a story
once told by Edward Hopper. While Harren's unique ability
to immediately recall art's famous quotes can humble even the
most committed art historian,they are a subtle expression of his love
for fine art and for it's rich history. When asked about his own life as a
painter, Harren responds, that despite the obstacles," I'm living the dream"
A memorable comment that no doubt will inspire future artists as much as his
subtly expressive figures and color-saturated landscapes.
Painting seems to come as easily to Harren as retelling those famous stories
In his work, content is one with color and composition. He offers masterful
brushwork,adept compositional decisions, and dynamic use of color,light,
and form with energy and joy. In his quietly artistic manner, he urges the
viewer to look,examine,and finally to look again.
Harren's figures reference artist Alice Neel's direct attention to human form
and her unique ability to capture expression. Harren's paintings also reflect
his interest in the American scene paintings of Edward Hopper. But most of
all,his art demonstrates his sheer love of painting. Nearly a century ago,
Matisse explained in his essay"Notes of a Painter" that fine art derives from
the heart,from the soul, and from the emotional reserves of the artist.
Harren's artwork is a potent blending of that emotional energy and technical
mastery of his medium.