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New Hope,Pennsylvania
Artist in focus

By Doris Brandes



Since 1982, Glenn Harren has been exhibiting his paintings in Bucks County
and the Philadelphia area. He is a native son.
Though Glenn was born in New York City, when he was 11 his family
moved to Doylestown, where he attended local schools, including Central
Bucks and Central Bucks East.
At the age of five he had already decided that he wanted to be an artist.
This was not the first choice of his parnets, but they respected his feelings
and during high school he studied painting during the summer with William Smith,
late of Pineville, and in Provincetown with Henry Hensche.
Always handy and willing to work, Glenn learned how to do general
carpentry working for local builders, skills that would prove useful later on.
By 1977 he was taking evening courses at the Pennsylvania Academy of
the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, where he was encouraged by his teacher,
Arthur DeCosta, to become a fulltime student at PAFA.
DeCosta obviously saw more than a little talent and ability in Harren.
Glenn moved into town and registered for the four year certificate course.
He sometimes tended bar and cleaned the venerable old Academy
galleries to support himself.
It was a great thrill, he remembers, to "have those wonderful galleries full
of grand old paintings to myself. "He also helped with hanging shows,
the knowledge of which would also be useful much later.
He has been an exhibit preparator and art mover for the Michener Art Museum
for almost 10 years. He proudly recalls recalls moving that fine Garber mural,
taking it down from the college where it was in storage. It gave him pleasure
to be a part of the installation of that remarkable piece for the Michener Art Museum.
" But painting is what I do," says Glenn Harren. "I want to paint all the
time. It is the journey, not the destination. "Currently he works in studio
space in Buckingham, where he also lives, but is searching for a larger
studio where he can work with greater ease. "I'm sure I'll find something
soon and maybe even better," he remarks, citing what he calls, "the gift of the adversity."
Having great determination and an ability to make to make things work for him,
he is certain to find the right place soon.
At the most recent Artsbridge juried show at Prallsville Mills, Glenn Harren
was awarded first prize for his large painting, "Eggs Whites in Lambertville."
It was truly of local inspiration, depicting the cook at Sneddon's Coffee Shop in Lambertville
at work at the kitchen stove.Glenn works on location as much as possible
and for this one he did some thumbnail sketches and took some reference
photos. The final work was done in his studio.
He paints with oil on linen, mostly using premade stretchers, but he makes
his own frames."Many collectors prefer to have the works reframed or
sometimes not framed at all, " notes Harren.
There have been many awards for Glenn Daniel Harren (as he chooses to
be known now): at Philips Mill, the Tinicum Arts Show, the Fellowship of PAFA,
the Monmouth Museum, Woodmere Museum, Cheltenham Art Center and
the Wallingford Community Art Center.
His solo exhibitions have included the Wai's Gallery and Yaffa in New York,
Palmyra Art Gallery, Widener University, Views Gallery in Philadelphia and
locally at Stover Mill, Windy Bush and the Hicks Gallery at Bucks County
Community College.
His group exhibitions are literally "too numerous to mention" in this space,
but he has a following among art consultants for much of his work, with
many pieces having been sold to major corporate collectors. Last March
he exhibited in the East Village in New York and next November he will
have a solo show at Muhlenberg College.
Glenn has taught at Solebury School, at the PAFA (Saturday classes for
high school students) and at the Baum School of Art in Allentown.
He loves doing figure work and appreciates the connection with the
people when doing portraits, and there is no doubt he is having success
with landscapes. Between painting, teaching, preparator jobs and
Masterpiece Express (Harren the art mover), he is a very busy painter.